Tig’d Up Tuesday review 2-4

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Tig’d Up Tuesday Review is a weekly playback of entries we chose to fill our Facebook Fan Page with. We have another great Tuesday up for review today. Things to remember when you are submitting:

  1. Please make sure you submit clear, sharp, crisp, and non-blurry photos.

  2. Make sure your photos are in focus. We want to highlight the weld or product you are showing off.

  3. Make sure you include your weld and machine information.

  4. If you submit and we feature, comment on the post. People will ask questions.

  5. If you are featured, please share the our post on your network. Show off your work.


Now let’s get to the review!

Chris Wilkes

“Steel welded with 70sd2 rod” Chris Wilkes Fabrications


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Tig’d Up Tuesday Review 12-31

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The 1st Fabrication Life Tig’d Up Tuesday review of 2014 is a good one! This week we had tons of submissions and quite a few posted. As always, we ask you to review through these and tell us your favorites, as well as generously share the post. We want to keep this coming to you and have some exclusive features also coming from Fabrication Life starting this week as well.


Let’s Go!



Tig’d Up Tuesday submission – Alex G

“Waste Gate flange from a Mustang turbo manifold.”


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