Tig’d Up Tuesday May Review: Part 1

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May 1 TIG pop

And we’re back with one of the largest solid collections of our busiest day, Tig’d Up Tuesday!

These reviews showcase some of the best entries we receive out of 100s.  We get to focus on a select few and showcase these welders talents.  Normally you will see familiar faces but we will completely mix it up.  We post in no particular order and we have no set in stone plan.  Our goals are simply to post things we like as well as our fans.  Please take a moment to share this and comment on which you think is the best from this article as well.  We always like to hear your feedback!

May 6


Russell Sherman – Here’s a 15mm to 15mm titanium piece. Only been welding to for a couple of weeks


Fathouse Fabrications – A quickie of a custom Twin Turbo kit we just finished up at Fathouse. We made headers, cross over, downpipes, full exhaust, custom intercooler, piping. Uses Tial MVR Wastegates and twin Precision 6266 turbos


Gregory Black Smith – Row Row Row


Kyle Ascione – Figured out the real way to stack dimes!


Mike Frye – Aluminum bead for T.U.T.


Adam Brand – Evolution Forward facing T4 twinscroll twin wastegate turbo manifold made from Streetorstrip Concept. Make sure to go like these guys, they have some interesting projects coming out in the near future.

May 13

10277910_651367291618954_6045508696425615536_n (1)

Wout Young – Team Einzel from Netherlands exhaust fabrication


Alex L. – Ti wastegate dump tube welded with my standard #12 lense, 100% argon, and a steady hand at BP Autosports


Derek & Ricky SpeedFactory Tuning & Fabrication – Chris Jeanneret’s formula drift Honda S2000 completed. Designed to be taken apart quickly, and makes good power, too!


Andrew Hutchens – I made this today for my mom for a early mothers day present because I will be in California this weekend.


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