Man takes you inside Volcano with GoPro!

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Just ask yourself “Would I do this?”  Click inside for the violent lava flow in this video! 


George Kourounis (Angry Planet/Storm Chasers) and Sam Cossman stood toe to toe with this violent pool of lava in the Marum crater.  This is located in the Vanuatu region/South Pacific, which is Volcanic.  The duo and 2 guides, descended 2 times over a 4 day period into the crater gathering footage.  The depth of the descent was around 1,200ft or more, just shy of a 1/4 of a mile at 1,320ft.

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Watch as we did in pure awe– realizing that in front of George is instant death.  The molten rock churning in the depths of the crater is constantly flowing and neon.  The heat was unthinkable.  But to stand in front of something so scary is the definition of living! Great job gathering information and video we can study.


This was filmed with GoPro’s, as well as a Sony NX and Canon 5D.  We are glad for their safe return, and their amazing footage!