Fall Nationals Prep: Chris Miller Racing/Prayoonto Racing Interview

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Chris Miller is all over YouTube. If you search Chris Miller and see any of his old racing videos in the Orange Camo Hatchback you will see why his opinion is a big deal. He is one of the most known names in Import Drag Racing and a pioneer for going fast in both Outlaw and also Sport Front Wheel Drive SFWD. So we interviewed over 10 drivers, Chris is one of them. Here’s what he had to say…

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I can sit here and tell you tons of facts or bits about Miller and the Prayoonto camp, how they did at this race and that race.  We can tell you this car makes over 1100 to the wheels, or that it has ran so and so?  How does that help you know the guy behind the wheel or see an inside glimpse into the team?  It doesn’t.  Our words only carry so much weight, so we will let the video tell the story before we get to the interview!


We interviewed with Miller about Fall Nationals, which is coming up on the 1st weekend in October. Here is how it went down…


FabLife:  Miller, you and I have had some memorable interviews, so I will get straight to it, why did you decide to drive instead of own your own car and into Prayoonto Racing?

CMR:  Driving and tuning and not being the car owner is the ultimate goal in my eyes.  In some instances some people would say its not the case but in mine it is.  For me personally it was a blessing, I get to concentrate on tuning and the fuel business and leave the race program to the team.  The best team in drag racing in my eyes.  We have a very talented and dedicated team of guys, Angel, Eric and Rob are all full time guys for the team and I couldn’t feel more confident every time I get in the car that its going to be 110%. Norris and I work well together.  We have a good working relationship, I mean we can argue like husband and wife but thats how it goes when you deal with someone on so many levels on a daily basis.  In the end we both have the same goals, win races, represent for the sponsors.


FabLife:  Last year the car seemed very consistent.  Is this due to you just being able to drive and tune with a team behind you, or is the car set up better than the other cars out on the track?

CMR:  Consistency wins races thats our ultimate goal, I used to just want to set records but I have learned that going rounds and winning races is what needs to happen.  The consistency of the car is due to everyone involved doing their job.

FabLife:  How is the Integra set up compared to your previous car, and how hard was it to adapt to driving it?

CMR:  It is setup sort of different from what I have driven in the past but I adapted pretty quickly to the K-series setup i’d say.

FabLife:  We recently heard the Integra might be up for sale.  Truth in this?

CMR:  The current Integra, which we call v1 is sold.  We will finish the season out and debut Supertech v2 at PRI in indy in the Supertech booth.  Make sure you stop by and say “HI” and check it out. She is pretty fucking sweet.

FabLife:  Fall Nationals was always one of the events where you can set the new records.  What are you going to do this year?

CMR:  I don’t look at fall nationals as a place to set records, not that it cant be done there but its not our overall goal.  Our goal is to come in and take the win, the goal is to win.  In the end we are confident that someone will leave fall nationals or wcf with a new sfwd record to end the season.  If it isn’t me personally it will be someone in the FTW mob.
FabLife:  Tell us about the motor/turbocharger setup?
CMR:  The engine turbo setup has been the most challenging part of the K-series transition.  The damn engines are too efficient.  As most know the turbocharger itself is a very important key component to the whole making power dept, it might not be everything but if you don’t have the right stuff you are in trouble.  The B-series guys have it easy, you order up a 7285 and call it a day.  If the engine can hold the power it will make 1100/1200hp without issue.  It will make 55/60 depending on air or cam combo.  But either way in the end the b series guys have it easy in that dept.  The K-series guys are at a disadvantage here, we have been fighting an uphill battle with back pressure and shaft speeds.  I feel like its 2008/2009 again, going through the same steps as i did with the B-series in what ultimately ended in the 7285 most use.  Its been hectic but progress has been made.  I like the challenge and dealing with comp turbo has been fun, Joe and the guys at comp are down to earth and open to try the crazy things we want.  Even when we are sure they aren’t going to work we still give it a shot.  Most people ask what happened with myself and precision and I try and explain to people nothing happened, I stepped into the Prayoonto program where they had a long relationship with comp so we gave it a shot.  Precision has always been there for me when I needed and so has Comp now.  No shit talking, both are great companies to deal with and both are trying to push the bar more and more each day.


FabLife:  What are the hardest parts about tuning the car per event?

CMR:  Weather and Track conditions are always the biggest obstacles.  Shitty tracks never help but the track conditions are the same for the guys in the other lane so its all fair.

FabLife:  We never do an interview without Juice.  What are you out to prove this year at the Fall Nationals?
CMR:  I have said it before and Ill say it again, the only people who can beat us is us.  Yes there are other people racing “against” us but i feel as though on any given day I have what it takes to win and win with dominance.  So its our race to lose, not theirs to win.

We finished up the interview and Miller called me up again and we sat talking about the setup and the interview.  One thing is for certain with Chris, he believes in his team, as any great teammate would be.  It can be considered a luxury from 90% of the racers out there who are trying to compete and still turn the majority of wrenches for themselves.  As a racer sometimes you worry more about everything else and not on concentrating on the main goal, winning.  At this level the last thing a driver needs is to constantly wrench on his car.  He should know the car top to bottom, but having that team trust goes a mile.  We are just glad he painted the picture for us to share with you, FabricationLife.

Thank you for the photos, Sauce Spot and Nyce1s!

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