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We visited Honda Day and sponsored the Vibrant Performance SFWD class, so we had to bring you coverage, right?




We showed up early and visited the K-Tuned booth, right beside the stage. We noticed Vraceworks was preparing for their busy day ahead. Rob’s Black Civic Si along with Jis’ White Civic Hatch. Both of these cars have shopping cars of goods from Vibrant in each of their turbo setups. Both were in the now defunct Honda Tuning Magazine in recent years.


Right over the way from on the next isle, we found AEM. as well as Kyle Crawford’s imaculate EF Civic hatchback. AEM could not have had a better booth car for Honda Day. They went with a classic, and it kept crowds coming for the entire weekend.


Kyle works at one of our current distributors, Turn 14. Hey guys, we are just saying, next time you need a booth car you have great choices in-house! Don’t miss it!


AutoFair Honda had Blake Mcallister’s 97 Integra Type R in their booth with some history behind it. A salavage title car and possibly theft recovery, this one you see here had a K24 planted inside the bay with Spoon brakes and wheels. This car is like looking at a forum wish list, a how to guide, minus the K-swap. The Type R purists and Honda purists would say that Blake ruined the car by not using the traditional B-series power-plant. We like it, continue on sir!


Speaking of Integra Type R’s, this one is Kevin Rosario’s Right Hand Drive version. Japanese cars are big at Honda shows, either truly imported or converted, so Kev’s car stands out. This Staff media guru from Honda Day had prime parking too. While K-swapped, we did not get to see under his hood much. This kid does great video work, including the Honda Day promo video.


Shyam’s ITR is by far one of the sickest Phoenix Yellow cars we have ever encountered. Nothing to say here besides perfection. We will just stare at it for a moment like we did when we walked the crowd quickly!


Anil’s GSR stayed Green, but the parts selection stayed best of the best.


We made our way from our Vibrant Performance booth through the pits and out to catch the action on the track. The Vibrant Performance SFWD class was being called the the lanes for competition and we made sure we were front row for the action. When we got to the lanes the K-Tuned All Motor Shootout class was also being lined up, to run right in front of the SFWD group. We started snapping.


Shanghai Racing from the impressive Prayoonto Racing camp was checking tire pressures and making the last dial in’s before they got out on track. These guys go hard at every single race. Check the carbon front!


The BolisBuilt Racing CRX was nuts! These guys were up against Shanghai and lost by just .57! That race was exciting to watch and kept everyone in the stands on their toes. Glad to see Bolisbuilt Racing in attendance.


Check that wicked intake on the hood. This is one of the many K-series powered Honda’s in competition. The All Motor Shootout class is dominated by mostly K, if you are not familiar. These scoops, also noticiable on the Shanghai car up-top play a large role in providing the most air possible to the Individual Throttle Bodies most of these racers use. With a great fabricator who has vision, you can easily add a few ponies and a lot of fresh air in your bay.

DSC_9008 DSC_9010

Adrian’s EK


Another shot of Shanghai.


Bolisbuilt vs Shanghai


Adrian vs Tim Grey from TGR was an interesting one too. Adrian and Tim made this run a pre stage battle. What is really the comedy here is that it lasted for an entire 2 minutes almost. Adrain was the 1st to double-bulb and it was on. TGR ended up taking the win on this run but it was intense if you were standing on the line, listening to everyone by the water box yelling.


Low Budget vs Marc P. LowBudget Brandon took the win on this one with a 10.1 pass.

DSC_9038 DSC_9042

Jake “CounterPunch” Gavio and lining up preparing pass for position. Jake ended up running a 10.0 pass here and advanced in rounds.


Chris Miller piloting the SuperTech SFWD Integra. This pass was a 8.7@175, and Chris eventually ended up taking home the Win in the Vibrant Performance SFWD Shootout. This action Shot was a great burnout!

DSC_9068 DSC_9069 DSC_9070

Mister Campos lighting the slicks up for his pass. Campos made solid passes all weekend.

DSC_9079 DSC_9082

HighBoost Ed from FullTime Fab out looking to make good comp. He was knocked out of competition with a pass on the high side, but still managed to break off a 9.2 pass.

DSC_9100 DSC_9101 DSC_9102 DSC_9103

Afrer a “John Force” burnout, CLM took the stage with 2 candy cars for some fun!

DSC_9143 DSC_9144 DSC_9145 DSC_9146


DSC_9151 DSC_9152

Our Pal Sedrick aka FastGuyRacing. FastGuy has been quite popular lately, and getting his feet wet jumping from the All Motor class to SFWD, not an easy switch. Instagram fans and all keep this on this guys heels and he came out. Glad to see the car build take place as well as it finally hitting the track. We posted a few videos on FabricationLife during the build. Below you have HiBoost Kirby lining Sed up.



DSC_9171 DSC_9172 DSC_9173

Catch the lights. Sedrick had a shifting issue which held him back from advancing, a misshift. We all do it, even the best of us. We saw that many were disappointed with the misshift but it is racing. Period. It happens.


JerryBuilt made the trip out from SoCal and even got on camera with Nyce1s to talk about future plans and how customer cars were running. We will post that up soon.


Chris Miller looked solid all weekend. Every pass was over 170mph, and even on this run you can see there was no denying he was out to take home some hardware. The Integra ran extremely strong. We started to try to hustle those guys to make it our booth car since it features all Vibrant Performance fabrication materials, but we forgot these guys were here for a race! (We kid, We kid)

DSC_9224 DSC_9234 DSC_9241 DSC_9245 DSC_9247 DSC_9248 DSC_9256 DSC_9257 DSC_9259 DSC_9261

Rob Morse with his 180mph champ!


Honda Day track photographer Jason Ruiz snapping right behind the TPR Civic. This car was one of our favaorites of the weekend. Under the hood is incredible insert shameless plug for COMPLETE LIST OF VIBRANT PERFORMANCE FAB COMPONENTS with placement and fabrication. This car also broke down into the 8.4/180mph territory back in November.


Josh Klein from 4PistonRacing watching Luke jump off the line in their Pro All Motor Honda Insight. Lights!

DSC_9307 DSC_9308

Another Favorite of the weekend. Stock internal K20 engine, bolt ons, modified chassis, Meth,  10 second car.


Mr. Nyce1s at work….


We leave you with this image. 11.50 index class. But all of the racers over the weekend were great to watch! Thank you to everyone who came to Honda Day and stopped by the Vibrant Performance booth. If you have photos please share them with us on Facebook or stories of using your Vibrant Components.


Until next time…


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