“3 Minute Fire”- Cody Loveland revisits Pikes Peak 2013 Crash with FabricationLife

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We have seen his video all over the net, but what you didn’t see is the behind-the-scenes aftermath of Cody “LOVEFAB” Loveland’s fiery collision at Pikes Peak.  Just put yourself in the drivers seat on this wild ride.  It was a brief ride, but extremely dangerous with a vicious crash. This could have been deadly had it not been for top notch safety equipment.  That, and proper chassis fabrication, is the only reason this was not a fatal ride that day in Cody’s used-to-be NSX, now coined Enviate.




Pikes Peak is the 2nd oldest race on US soil.  The course is over 12 miles long and every single bit dangerous for even the most seasoned vet.  156 turns brings this uphill battle through over 5,000ft of elevation change for the timespan of 8-14 minutes (timing difference depending on if you come with a Loeb or a Millen… and a race program valued at over $1 Million dollars, with change to spare) you don’t need to post in the sub 10-minute range.  Still the climb brings competition from all over the globe with hopes and aspirations of conquering the road with anything which has an engine.  Even the electric vehicles and hybrids are out now looking for supremacy in Colorado Springs, home to Pikes Peak.



Here is what Cody himself spoke of when we recently asked about what happened that day-

“I remember taking it easy off the line, adjusting myself in the seat in preparation for the car’s first time up the mountain.  My visor was up, as it was to be an easy shakedown run.  Roaring down the little straight before the 2nd corner, I hit the brakes and felt good.  Taking it easy, I throttled back into it, slowly, while the turbos lit at the apex.  As soon as my ass felt the torque start to push me, I heard and felt a huge “BANG” behind and to the left of me.  I lost all control of the car, as the tail end came around, and was instantly looking out the drivers side window toward the inside of the corner, looking at what I was about to hit.  I saw several massive boulders, and of course, spectators.  As the car kept rotating, I lost sight of where the car was going, put both feet in, closed my eyes, and braced for impact, hoping I wouldn’t hit the boulders.  I can’t really describe the physical feeling of being through that, other than complete pandemonium.  I guess imagine being in blazing-hot dryer on spin cycle.  I remember opening my eyes while the car was spinning and seeing nothing but fire.  I closed them again and thought of Tabitha Lohr, who was 8.5mths pregnant at the time.  I thought of my unborn daughter, Vera, and was infinitely sad that I might not get to meet her.  The car stopped.  It was quiet.  I wiggled my toes, they still worked.  I wiggled my fingers, and THEY still worked.  And then I felt the heat.  I looked up to see a wall of fire on the inside roof of the car.  PANIC!  I pulled the fire suppression and got the hell out of there.  I watched the car re-light after the suppression ran dry, and burn for two more minutes before adequate fire control arrived.  Thankfully, the still-curing carbon fiber body took 95% of the fire damage, with just the seat and a few harnesses melting.  The chassis 80% rebuilt now, and will see testing before the summer is out.”


Mesmerized and knocked unconscious, a burned an bruised Cody emerged from the Enviate with only minor injuries.  He walked away. No stretchers, no airlift.  We are proud to write that because we were on our way to meet with Cody at the time of his collision and were not quite aware of the circumstances of the crash until later in the day when information got out.  This was an agonizing time as a sponsor and company, as well as friends of Cody and Tabitha to know there was a collision and possible injury.  A broken control arm could have shattered lives on this day. It is easy to say that upon seeing Cody for him to take us on a stroll to the top of the peak, he was a sight we were appreciative of!


Mr. Loveland, hats off to you sir.  We are glad you are still with us to chat with us about the incident.  This crash could have been gravely worse…


The Enviate can be rebuilt, but many things in life cannot.


We have a gallery below to show you up close of the damage done.  Remember, after the crash the car burned for almost 3 minutes.  This shows the strength of the build along with the benefits of the fire suppression and carbon.