Ryan Tuerck blasts through Oregon Trail.

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Ryan Tuerck blasts through this super curvy dream road on this episode from Network A’s “Tuerck’d”. Click here to watch. Continue reading

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Tig’d Up Tuesday Review 2-11

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Your Tig’d Up Tuesday Review for the second week of February is here . We enjoyed another successful week of posts, and got a ton of submissions! Here they are:

Priit KukkFabrication

“This is a mic fastening point on a acoustic stand for exhaust gas analysis. Welded with a Kemppi MasterTig 4004 1,6mm 316 filler, pulse setup : 90 amp 40% duty 1hz frequency.”



Nick Primero

“Tigging away on racecars this week.”

1891205_10203234681736044_841200223_n (1)


Samuel Hoskins

“Here is some work from Ben Issacson, owner of Ground up Motorsports in Australia”



Richard Rasmussen




Brandon Kalcsics

“Carbon to chromoly, running at 200amps. Freehand dab on a 77 honda cb750 hardtail.”



Race Ready Fab

“Civic custom exhaust 304ss machine thermal arc 186”



Derek at SpeedFactory

“Backdoor intercooler endtank with change.”



Dane Reynolds

“304ss v band clamp by tig welded by Dane from RB Garage toowoomba”



Keep the submissions flowing! See you on another Tig’d Up Review!

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Fabricators Series: FFE Ed.. Collectors 101.

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Ed Woosley, owner and head fabricator at Force Fed Engineering shows you how to properly lay down a line and get ample coloration from your welds using basic procedures. Merge Collectors for turbo manifolds are sometimes looked at like a secret among fabricators across the land. While generally you can say there are many ways to build one, everyone has their tricks, likes, and options. Ed walks you through some of his 4 cylinder collections here.

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Tig’d Up Tuesday review 2-4

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Tig’d Up Tuesday Review is a weekly playback of entries we chose to fill our Facebook Fan Page with. We have another great Tuesday up for review today. Things to remember when you are submitting:

  1. Please make sure you submit clear, sharp, crisp, and non-blurry photos.

  2. Make sure your photos are in focus. We want to highlight the weld or product you are showing off.

  3. Make sure you include your weld and machine information.

  4. If you submit and we feature, comment on the post. People will ask questions.

  5. If you are featured, please share the our post on your network. Show off your work.


Now let’s get to the review!

Chris Wilkes

“Steel welded with 70sd2 rod” Chris Wilkes Fabrications


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Tig’d Up Tuesday Review 1-28

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Another Tig’d Up Tuesday in the books! This one was perfect and tons of people visited the page. We want to thank everyone for the submissions. We chose a few to show a few completed parts this time, not just a few inches of welds.

Check out what we posted and tell us which one is your pick:

Tyler Timmel/The Arc Asylum

“Header jig I built this weekend”



Matthew Owen

“Twin turbo lsx swapped Lexus is300. Sh10 manifolds single pass welded @ 90 amps 1/16 308 filler fully back purged with a miller dynasty 200 no pulse.”



Scott at MoFab LLC

“Coolant tank for customers STI”



Aldo D3 Performance Engineering

“Aluminum dime droppin! iPhone pic, no pulse or pedal pumping”



Paul / Dezod Motorsports Inc




Derek/Ricky at SpeedFactory

“Dual backdoor intercooler/tucked radiator combo. Features Vibrant Vanjen inlet/outlet connections, intercooler is flanged with a Tial 50mm BOV connection.”



Collin ToxicFab.com

“321 stainless love on this freezing cold day.”



David D3 Performance Engineering

“MAF flange weld , 3/32 tungsten, 1/16 rod, small collet, Miller Sync 300, no pedal, all metal”



Tomorrow on Tig’d Up Tuesday we want to see all of your intake work. So if you have any manifolds, piping, and sensors send pics our way!

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Prep is Everything

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Recent conversation has prompted the topic of “Prep is everything” around here at Fabrication Life.  This is a rule, a token of wisdom that should help anyone produce higher quality welds and finished products.  Seriously, why should the end product of fabrication get all of the attention in the process?  We hope this will open our readers minds to the importance of quality prep-work in the grand scheme of fabrication.  It is one of the most important moments in the process and one that it often times overlooked – leaving the work much to be desired. Continue reading

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