Tig’d Up Tuesday May Review: Part 2

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May 1 TIG pop 2

May was fun for Tig welds. We had so many entries sent in, so let’s get back to the May review of Tig’d Up Tuesday!

Our Tig’d Up Tuesday is focused towards arts of all types. While we post mostly Automotive on FabricationLife, we stray around and will post anything that is Tig welded. Many of the entires we get are great, but the photos are not very clear or usable so we have to sort through many entires to find those we can use. But it is getting better, especially with the quality packed into newer cell phones. This gives you SLR camera-type power in the palm of your hands on the fly. So keep submitting and send us photos which are in focus and clear to depict! And remember, we always like to hear your feedback. Tell us which one you like the most…

May 20


Aron Cranford – Exhaust


Andy Cater – Aluminium fueltanks , header tanks and chargecooler radiator by Andy at A TM Engineering Uk


Dezod Motorsports Inc – “Green” headers for the Lexus IS300


Joe Aungst – Custom airbox from the backyard garage.


Ben Stoner – Fathouse Fab. Evo Catch cans.


Daniel Dreisbach – some times it doesn’t take much. Fusion weld on a 14 gauge 304 trophy part. Lincoln 375 precision Tig (with Micro start technology)


Nate Bowman – 5/8″ SS Nut. Tiny little weave. Because “Just Tig it”


ToxicFab.com – Welds on Bands


Derek at SpeedFactory Tuning & Fabrication – Big Block Chevy headers

May 27


Rob Wroe – Welding 3″ stainless pipe to 10mm stainless flanges.


Will P. = BIG Turbo S2000 getting some dual wastegate action courtesy of Auto Select Tuning INC using Vibrant components.


Alex Lindner – submission from me and BP Autosports. Special 2JZ race manifold I finished up last weekend. The power of two hands and imagination.


Rocco Sexton – A work in progress… 991 Porsche headers with cats. Enjoy!


Eric Buroker – Bead play!


Mike Frye – Intake Manifold

Check back on Fabricationlife.com for June features coming soon! We have had another great month of Tig’d Up entries. Make sure you submit each Monday/Tuesday for a chance to be featured and win FabricationLife swag. Check out a few of the articles below to keep up with what we are working on!

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