Tig’d Up March Review: Part 1

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Tig’d Up Tuesday reviews are back!

We had a crazy month in March so we figured to make a collective to see how this worked, opposed to the normal weekly countdown. Tig’d Up Tuesday has grown to a very successful weekly showcase of entries from across the map. Turbokits, Industrial, average Joe-schmoe’s in the garage, and even shops all send in what they are working on. We had a guest lady even on this one showing off her future plans to weld! 


As always, we want to thank our presenting company Vibrant Performance, as there would be no Tig’d Up Tuesday nor FabricationLife without their kind help. Make sure you pay a visit to VibrantPerformance.com.

Vibrant Performance

Now, lets get to our 1st weeks of welding for March!


March 4, 2014

Josh Cleveland

“.017 Titanium sheet to .025 Titanium casting. AMS 4952 .035 filler 20 amps. AWS D17.1 spec, done in a weld chamber.”




Andrew Hutchens

“-12 AN bung for a vent hose on speedway rear end. Work for jgl racing nascar nationwide team”




Scott VanderSchoor

“Quick repair job on some 304 ss.”




Collin Meyers/Toxicfab

“Toxicfab 321 dual slip fit manifold getting welded up. Collin finalizing the Inconel/titanium diffuser in his Toxic welding cup kit”

Good work Collin




Jessi Willson

“Future Tig’d Up Tuesday welder Elly is watching!”

Thanks for this submission, we appreciate it Jessi!



Doug Cook

“A Zetec into mk1 escort sump. Hot off the bench from Doug @G19 Engineering in the UK who’s still welding into the night.”

13257_616002085155475_1923543654_n (1)



Stephen-Lauren Eades

“Mild steel piece for some farm equipment. Lincoln precision tig 225.”




Niels Hattas

“Motorcycle Exhaust”




Alfred Lassen

“Air/Water intercooler end tank for (2) Garrett 750hp cores. 1/8″ 5052 using 3/32 rod @ 115amps.”




Tomas Desastre Munoz





March 11, 2014


Matt Simpson

“Stainless Steel 304 1.2mm Wall. TIG Welded and Gas Purged.” Simpson Race Exhausts



Brad Harmer 

“A fancy 2jz turbo kit i just finished up! Powerhouse Racing”

1461017_619765344779149_1967022872_n (1)



Zac Freeman

“This is a Gforce Engineering 9″ rear end housing for a Dodge”




Will Papatolevski

“Custom VW catch can by Auto Select Tuning INC”




Collin M./Toxicfab

“Gonzo’s EVO”




Tommy Franke

“69 Camaro LS2 supercharged intake pipe”

This is awesome, Tommy!




Christian Farr

“304 stainless steel hinge to 304 1/2 x 1/2 square .065 tubing”




Greg Carter 

“Bandz will make her dance”



Lorenzo Young 

“Lorenzo at d&b precision products .120 304 stainless”



Stay tuned for Part 2 of Fabrcationlife.com’s “Tig’d Up Tuesday” March review, presented to you by VibrantPerformance.com.