FabTime: Exhaust Speaker.. Should we?

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FL exhaust Speaker11

Fabrication Life fans, we need your opinion! We posted the photo below yesterday, and we all were obsessed with it. Everything about it screamed BAD ASS! Spending the day with the materials to make this happen is even worse because we got that itch. You all know the itch… it’s a curse!





After seeing these speakers being made from exotic exhaust components we asked ourselves, should we make it? We have every component and the fab time would not be a problem. We like the design and look and would like to make our own. Which components would you use? Would you make one in 4-cyl, 6-cyl, or 8? How would you do your bends? Pie-cut? W are interested in your ideas.

If we make it, we will have complete videos letting you see how we made our on version. It could be one hell of an office ornament! Think about how it would look when clients came for a visit or meeting. Or, you could just have the most bad ass office in the building with these mounted like a prize rack from that buck- making for the ultimate mancave!




If we do not fabricate it, who will? We want to see someone do it! If you do it, keep us in the loop and we will feature your build. Please make sure you have detailed photos, which are both well-lit and high quality (no blurred cell phone photos, please!). You know how to contact us!

A few more photos for your consideration. This company did a wonderful job making these come to life!


ixoost-speakers-made-from-ferrari-exhaust-manifold-red-03 ixoost-speakers-made-from-ferrari-exhaust-manifold-01 ixoost-speakers-made-from-ferrari-exhaust-manifold-03 342500 342508 342498





So should we do it? We will announce more coming soon…..

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