Tig’d Up Tuesday Review 1-21

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This was one of our most packed Tig’d Up Tuesdays in a while. We numbers of submissions, and work from all industries sent in. We chose 10 this week, and the page saw traffic from across the globe!


As we said before, we will be featuring more than 10 entries every week now, so make sure you get your submissions in. If we do not use them, please keep sending. We may use one you send on a future post in the page.


Here are the submissions:


The Turbo Elements 

“Some drops with some dimes”




Alex L.

“Schedule 40 304SS single pass on an Evo T3 top mount. #12 lens, 1/16″ filler, 3/32″ hybrid electrode, constant heat and a steady hand. Constantly trying to get better and push myself further. ” BP Autosports, LLC.



Mikael Wallin

“R32 manifold i welded for a friend. 316 stainless tubes and 304 filler. Welded with cheap ass benroyal tig with no pulse and no lens.”



Ben Stoner

“Fathouse Fabrications custom Saturn Sky Redline manifold utilizing Vibrant components. Uses a Garrett Dual Ball Bearing GT2876 with a Tial Exhaust Housing and Tial MV-S. This car Dyno’d 244 hp to the rear wheels stock. It just put down 362 rwhp after this kit and a custom tune by Blevins Tuning on 93 pump gas and full factory exhaust!”



Rms Fabrications

“E60 BMW M5 headers”



Simon Beausoleil

“Capping weld on a part at work. 316 filler about 190 amps”



Ricky at SpeedFactory

“Cole said he wanted a cage. So, 25.5 SFI spec roll cage. All 4130 Chromoly, All tig!”



Brett A. Owings

“Fuel injectors for gas turbines”




Derek at SpeedFactory

“56 Chevy headers for upcoming build”




Brown Dog Welding 

“Weave over a Weave over a Weave. ‘Merica”



We want to know which is your favorite! So please let us know what you think. We will continue posting more of the work you have become accustomed to seeing over and over, and also features too.

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