Mark One: 3D Carbon Printing comes to life!

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Let us introduce you to the Mark One, the newest 3D printer on the block for all of you Fab-Tech nerds, like us! The Mark One is the worlds 1st printer to hit the market to print Carbon Fiber. When we saw initially we screamed aloud “Take my money now!” This small package packs a punch, and could revolutionize how we think of and use Carbon Fiber, while expanding where the material is used.


Carbon fiber is used in almost every field of racing today, along with many applications in both oem and aftermarket platforms. It’s strength can be over 5-10 times the strength of ABS plastics, and have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than machined aluminum. This makes carbon fiber very sought after for a number of reasons- safety, weight, and durability being at the top of the list.


Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 1.18.35 PM

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Originally Posted on Fluid Motor Union

Enough of the teasers, let’s show you guys some shots of the initial progress of the FMU x Raging Bull Marketing CLK63 Black Series build.


Much like every other exhaust build, it’s important to make sure you plan out your clearances multiple times before agreeing on changing those tacks into full-blown welds. So we removed everything that we needed to, and now there’s all sorts of room! Just nowhere to put anything in the trunk; thankfully, the car won’t be getting groceries for a few weeks, so the trunkspace isn’t necessary.


So now the Black Series has assumed the role of “friend who crashes on your couch for a week,” as its stuff is starting to end up everywhere. But unlike the crashing comrade, we’re super excited for the BS to be here, so it can take up all the space it wants.


A few of the pieces are already tacked together for perfecting fitment. The clearances between the C63 and the BS are a bit off, so we’re taking extra precautions when making sure everything fits together nicely. You don’t want any sort of connection between exhaust pieces and the frame, after all.


We have our ultra-top-secret, super-trick plans already in motion, so as long as everybody keeps working together, this build should go off without a hitch. Raging Bull Marketing is getting pretty pumped on their end, and we’re eagerly anticipating their arrival this coming weekend. This is going to be one insane month, folks, stay tuned!


And don’t forget about the FMU BBQ! Marilynn spent all day Sunday prepping for it, so everything is starting to come together!

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