Mark One: 3D Carbon Printing comes to life!

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Let us introduce you to the Mark One, the newest 3D printer on the block for all of you Fab-Tech nerds, like us! The Mark One is the worlds 1st printer to hit the market to print Carbon Fiber. When we saw initially we screamed aloud “Take my money now!” This small package packs a punch, and could revolutionize how we think of and use Carbon Fiber, while expanding where the material is used.


Carbon fiber is used in almost every field of racing today, along with many applications in both oem and aftermarket platforms. It’s strength can be over 5-10 times the strength of ABS plastics, and have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than machined aluminum. This makes carbon fiber very sought after for a number of reasons- safety, weight, and durability being at the top of the list.


Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 1.18.35 PM

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12 Solidworks Hints for Noobz

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As you know Solidworks is one very powerful program. Inside, you are not only the creator, but you control all elements. You can do anything, move anywhere, bold any surface. But as much as Solidworks is a great tool with massive creating potential, it also can be overly confusing at times, too. How many times have you gotten stuck or opened the app and have been like, this is taking too long.

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