Tig’d Up Tuesday Review 2-18

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Before we give you this Tig’d Up Review, we are going to do a replay of a few previous Tig’d Up articles, showcasing previous work.

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This week, we had entries featuring Industrial, Exhaust Headers, Race Radiators, and Exhaust Systems. We tried to focus on complete parts rather than 1-10″ sections of welding. The idea was to have featured images that showcase finished products. We will be looking for that this week in our submissions as well. Good luck and submit early!


On to the Review!

David D./ D3 Performance Engineering

This thing is just sick! 321 stainless tri-Y turbo manifold all slip fit for a 2JZ with a ProMod 88mm turbo. Feature coming on this 240sx shortly on Fabricationlife.com, too…



Turbo Elements

“Custom race radiator”



Alan Miller

“304ss +/-.005 on location”. Nice work Alan, you get this post not because of photo clarity, but damn that is tight.



Tyler Timmel

“1970’s Miller 330A. Vintage goodness. The Arc Asylum”



Matt Harm

“4” schd. 40, 316 stainless piping to 3.5″ NPT coupling. 3/32″ electrode, 1/8″ filler rod, #7 cup. Ran this at 110 amps, no pulse, walking the cup.”



Aron Cranford

“335 Bmw exhaust all tig welded”



Car Fix

“The custom exhaust on our project car..”



Chris Pfitzner

“Late tigged up tuesday submission… walking wednesday!?!?”



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