Octavio’s 801whp stock-sleeve Civic from KMOD.

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Octavio’s Civic is not hardly a Civic, anymore….


You are not reading wrong. 801hp on stock cylinder sleeves in Octavio’s K-series Civic. The power number and in general, the graph are amazing all the way across the board. Look at that Air Fuel! This thing is nuts. And while possibly a ticking time bomb, as everything eventually can blow up, we are proud to see people push the bar with numbers to truly test the walls of these blocks and the action. Do we have the balls to do it, possibly not, but it is a fun thing to watch for anyone who is a fan of making power and pushing limits to the maximum!


10329248_735230293195810_4814122728999272293_n 10330295_735229986529174_4737796343205048155_n 10314534_733790390006467_8249901328865869258_n 10314740_733790336673139_5043331022412522031_n 10292213_733790453339794_204429475585425931_n

Before we get far into this article, let’s make a few things clear.

  1. Gas mileage is not a worry.
  2. Comfort is out of the window.
  3. Mock up happens, or should. So if you see something unfinished chances are it was mocking process.
  4. No dyno queen. We are sure it will be driven to the brink of failure with smiles.
  5. There are more than this which make similar power on stock sleeves. We know it.



10007251_733787776673395_1395212341469297843_n 10302413_733787913340048_1776673168200718081_n 1526101_733787963340043_6392704663839961429_n

Now that is out of the way and stepping back into the build process, Marquis of KMOD Performance in Greensboro, NC started with a K2x block and the 1st attention point was the cylinder head. These motors breathe heavily and the cylinder head is the key to making power which is above average. Large CFM = big power and it is as simple as that. Cylinder head on any engine is a compliment to component in the bay. Turbo cars can utilize the seat pressure for efficiency and this really comes into play when you are building drag cars which will see abuse over and over.



10153639_733786946673478_2635111734390729502_n 10250061_733787653340074_7379618588904414840_n 10177251_733787473340092_7014162309308559555_n

The bottom end of this K24 did not go untouched, as rod strength is your athletic-leg in this melting pot of $ and aluminum. Brute force, violent explosions in the combustion chamber, and piston weight/speed are imperative. The use of x rod was no question, and CP pistons complete the combination.



10262254_733789433339896_8846252010919379513_n 10269415_733789993339840_5936170317586587466_n

K24 toque, especially when tripled from factory specs just likes to chew, shred and break gears in these transmissions. 2nd and 3rd are the normal to go and have even been on national back order for some time til recent days. Depending on when the gear was broken, you were searching every nook and cranny for another gear or sourcing yourself another transmission to get more of your racing fix. It is like a drug and when you have tons of power to unleash at will, you will find yourself constantly looking to get behind the wheel.



Engine: KMOD Stg.3 Crate Engine For Boost: Designed for up to 800whp
  • K20 VTEC Cylinder Head
  • K24a Cyl. Block
  • CNC Werx Cylinder Sleeves
  • Stage.3 Cams
  • Gato Intake Manifold
  • K-Tuned Throttle Body Adapter
  • K-Tuned Billet Fuel Rail
  • 1100cc Fuel Injectors
  • Ferrea valvesprings
  • Ferrea titanium retainers
  • Cometic head gasket
  • ARP head studs
  • 87.5mm 10.5:1 or 11.0:1 pistons & rings
  • BC H-Beam connecting rods
  • Honda timing chain & tensioner
  • High Performance rod/main bearings
  • KMOD K20a2 oil pump & pan **10,000 RPM Rev Limit** **tuning required**Over 800whp *
  • Precision Torque Plate Honed Cylinders
  • Precision CNC Bored cylinders
  • Precision checked/set bearing clearances
  • Piston to wall clearance set
  • Hot-Tanked, Cleaned, & Painted
Fuel System:KMOD custom 100owhp fuel System
  • 340 Aeromotive
  • Twin 400 Bosch pumps
  • 2150cc FIC Injectors
  • Surge tank: -10 feed lines, -6 retun
Transmission: KMOD STREET RACE Transmission Rebuild
  • Gear-X Helical Cut/Synchro 1-4 Gearset
  • Forged Steel Gears (Longer 1st – 4th Gears)
  • Synchrotech Carbon Synchros
  • Synchrotech/MFactory LSD Differential
  • OEM Honda 4.38 Final
  • KMOD 600whp Axle Kit (for K-swaps: Includes axles, hubs, ARP extended studs, & new bearings)
  • ACT Twin Disc Clutch
Turbo Kit: KMOD stg.4 Turbo Kit
  • Precision 6266(62mm) Ball Bearing T3/T4 Turbo Turbocharger
  • BWR Sidewinder Turbo Manifold
  • Custom 3-inch Downpipe Kit
  • 45mm Turbosmart Wastegate
  • Tial 50mm Blow Off Valve
  • Custom spec 1000hp Front Mount intercooler
  • Custom 2.5-inch Intercooler Piping, lines, hoses, couplers, clamps & fittings.
Suspension: Custom Drag Suspension
  • KMOD spec springs
  • Skunk2 Struts
  • Prothane Bushings
  • K-Tuned Traction Bar
  • Stock interior w/ DRIVEN Performance custom 6 point roll cage
  • G-Force 5 point Safety Harness
Engine Management:
  • Hondata Kpro Tuned by Darius from DRIVEN Performance, & Marquis(KMOD)
Wheels & Tires:
  • 24.5x9x13 MT Drag Slicks on 13×10 Belak Wheels
  • 24.5x4x13 Firestone Tires on Custom 13×4 CCW Skinny Wheels
  • K-Tuned stg.4 K-swap Kit (Direct K20/24 bolt in kit)
  • K-Tuned Water port block off plugs (cyl. head, thermostat)
  • K-Tuned 5th gear lock out
  • Chase Bays Brake Booster Delete
  • Custom carpet by Linda(KMOD)
  • Custom fuel pump wiring by Linda(KMOD)
  • Custom Paint on roll cage by Octavio(KMOD)
  • AEM wideband gauge
  • AEM oil pressure gauge
  • Dynamic Performance Rear Diffusser
  • Cross Drilled Front Rotors
After a quick contact we got to quiz Marquis Fogg at KMOD to discuss the car and see where they are going. Since we like to catch the build in place and the tuning instead of just show off finished cars. Those are not our style for the most part. Marquis filled our ear!
Why use stock sleeves when you can re-sleeve?
We test everything that we sell & our stg.3 K24 for boost comes with stock sleeves. This engine was thoroughly tested in our other car the KMOD RSX at 726whp, But now we are wanting to see if it will hold 900whp or more. So far in testing we have seen this engine hold as much as 801whp 548wtq .
What made you use the Precision unit?
Precision Turbo T3 6266(.82 A/R) b/c we wanted a turbo with minimal lag but would produce over 750whp. Our KMOD stg.4 Turbo kit is designed for street cars so minimal lag was a requirement. This turbo combined with our choice of intercooler piping size/length , boost controller, & tuning & is VERY responsive. For example. On the dyno or street if we are cruising at 4000rpm, 5psi of boost in 4th gear, & you mash the throttle within 600rpm you are at 30psi. its that responsive.
What is the car set up for (1/8 or 1/4)?
The car is set up to yield 6.1-6.3 time slips in the 8th & 9.20’s in the quarter, so it is capable of either. We can make minor map changes and tweak the suspension slightly and we can easily compete anywhere.
How KMOD and Driven came together on the project and how has that worked out?
Our shop hrs are 12noon to 8pm so we needed to find a dyno that was open late like we were. I knew of Darius but I did not really know him. One day at the track he offered his services for dyno rental. This was about a year ago. Every time we brought a car there to tune on his dyno he would lend a helping hand in tuning it. It became clear that he was able to tune a car in half the number of pulls compared to me, so we decided that it was better to just have him do most of the tuning. Every car we tune we bring to Driven Performance, & Darius does 90% of the tuning.
Looking the car over, we noticed a little bit of Vibrant in the setup. What prompted you to incorporate it?
They offer a wide selection of piping sizes, & shapes, plus a ton of fabrication parts. High quality t-Bolt clamps, turbo fittings, turbo flanges, silicone couplers, etc. It was easy to get ahold of and it works well in the situation. Should we have any problems the customer service is easy. These were all factors when choosing.
10277408_733786290006877_6992014209689747743_n 10325788_733786176673555_6558894332653291699_n
Future goals with the car?
  • Make over 850whp on this 6266 Turbo
  • Run better than 9.20 in the quarter
  • Upgrade to a 6766 turbo & make over 1000whp, After that 9.20 bump of course
  • Run a 8sec pass
  • ….MOST IMPORTANTLY – All on On a stock sleeve block!
How long did the build take you?
We built this car over a 5 day period last year. The race season was nearing the end & on a whim we decided to put it together. We made 775whp on the dyno, & took it to the track on a set of used 15×8.5×15 wheels/slicks. With the boost turned down to 600whp or so it ran 10.20@149mph. For this year we have new wheels/tires 13×10 w/ 24.5x9x13 slicks. so we should be able to run it max power to see what she can really do.
Over the weekend, Marquis and crew ended up getting the chance to run the car and make do on the initial stage of track testing.

We thank KMOD and Driven for the info and rapping with us about the build. Now, we will keep you upto date on how the car performs. I know many of you are considering this car a ticking time bomb. Only time will tell for sure, along with constant tuning.

Be sure to check out our other features on the site and visit back daily for videos and blogs.


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