Octavio’s 801whp stock-sleeve Civic from KMOD.

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Octavio’s Civic is not hardly a Civic, anymore….


You are not reading wrong. 801hp on stock cylinder sleeves in Octavio’s K-series Civic. The power number and in general, the graph are amazing all the way across the board. Look at that Air Fuel! This thing is nuts. And while possibly a ticking time bomb, as everything eventually can blow up, we are proud to see people push the bar with numbers to truly test the walls of these blocks and the action. Do we have the balls to do it, possibly not, but it is a fun thing to watch for anyone who is a fan of making power and pushing limits to the maximum! Continue reading

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Dubai GTR makes 8.1 second quarter mile pass.

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Damn my neck hurts just watching it! These GTR’s are knocking down the times. This one is still All-Wheel and it is not tubbed. As a street car, this monster would hurt feelings and be quite the “Pull up at the track” threat! That is a 1.29 60′ on that 174mph pass, in case you were wondering. Watch it after the click….

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 10.53.13 PM

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2JZ Foxbody launch

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A quick snip of NOS51/TD Autowerkes 2jz-powered Foxbody Mustang dialing in the car. This is only 60′ testing, but it looks promising. 60′ was a 1.23! More to come on this…

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Toca Series – tC Roadster Revealed

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A few months ago I posted an article related to building a roll cage; or support if you will; for the new Toca Series tC that will be showing this 2012 season.  I promised I would post exclusive photos to Fabricationlife.com before the car made its debut.  Let me just tell you this build was no easy task and a lot; I mean a lot; of man hours have been put into this.  Getting a show car into show car shape is no simple task.  Unlike other builds where dirt, corrosion, and appearance may not matter, building a show car means checking everything from ground up, and that is exactly what has been done here.  This car used to be a daily driver, and then it sat for a bit, so the corrosion was terrible.  I didn’t want this car to leave the shop without it looking like it was brand new; this is where I began my journey of cleaning and polishing everything.  When I say everything, I mean ripping apart everything in the wheel wells from the bolts to control arms.  Everything had to be scraped, polished, coated, and then finally painted.  Below is a photo of the axel that had to be taken off the car to be cleaned and perfected.












After a 10 hour day, let me tell you it is not easy to look at that one piece and ask yourself where the time went, but believe me it will pay off in the long run.  Now let me give you some insight into what actually went into this car, and how things were created and fitted.  Although the body kit used on this car has been modified left and right, Scion owners can recognize areas like the front bumper which stands out because you can see it on Ken Gushi’s RS*R drift tC.  Without giving you all of the details on how the kit came together, I can assure you a large amount of time went in making sure the fit and finish was flawless.  You will notice a giant Vibrant Performance intercooler sitting behind the bumper, but I will save the engine bay details for a future article, as it deserves its own time in the spotlight.












Here is a photo that is debuting here on Fabricationlife.com, it is the side shot of the car taken by Kortnei Grace, owner of Kortnei Brandon Photography.  From the side view you can see how the car has transformed and how it is truly a one of a kind build.  This tC roadster is first of its kind, showing it highly crafted turtle shell back and smooth transition into the body.  The windshield here is something I am particularly excited about.  The smooth quality finish of the wind shield looks as though it rolled out the dealer floor with no top.  The responses I have been getting from the hood have been out the roof so let me lay it out there for everyone.  The hood on this car is actually the stock hood of the tC which was modified, shaved, cut open, and welded.  The reason being is I wanted the best fit while also having the opening needed on top.  The hood scoop is no coincidence, but let’s just say it was needed, and
that I will save the conversation for the engine bay article :).

Without giving too much away in once issue of this series, I will hold back on photos of the rear portion of the car which will be saved for its debut at Tuner Galleria in Rosemont, IL on March 3rd.  If anyone has any questions I will gladly answer them to the best of my ability.  Until the next issue thanks for reading!

John Toca
Toca Series Tuning Innovation

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