McKinney Motorsports – Murrieta, CA

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McKinney Motorsports – The shop that gave Tanner Foust his debut into drifting with the Nissan 240sx at Formula D 2006.  As soon as you enter the shop, you are presented with the gem they stow.


Into the actual shop area is a plethora of iconic tuner vehicles anyone would love to get their hands on! Which one would you choose?  I’ve got a sweet spot for the Datsun 240Z’s!

The shop is and has been through many project builds.  McKinney Motorsports was actually one of the first to bring the RB motors to the states and doing so has evolved the industry.

What I mean by evolve is this….This is the madness of an RB motor fitted into a Nissan Maxima.  Not only is it being done proper with an RB but the first Maxima to swap the drive train to All Wheel Drive!

As you can see, it’s taking quite some time into fabricating the right parts…

The boys here are involved in many more projects, but they also focus on Exhaust headers..

Engine mounts….

Even helping to develop a new set of coilovers.

It’s brilliant work around here….

This Father & Son team is so ideal and so fitted.  One thing I specifically remembered about them is that they like to build clean cars.  Cars built as if it came factory, what the company had actually intended, and execute everything with purpose.  Doing so, they’ve defined their stand in this industry and I wish them much success!