Toca Series – Brace Yourself

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The car being worked on is a 2006 Scion tC. Why is it different?  Because we decided to cut off the roof, redo the motor, and completely change the outside and inside look of the car. Toca Series has been hard at work getting this build ready for some big upcoming shows, while at the same time ensuring we don’t rush.

My name is John Toca, and this 2006 Scion tC is what used to be, my daily driver. With the inception of this build also came Toca Series Tuning Innovation. A company I started due to my passion and love for tuning, engineering, fabrication, and image. What originally started off as a daily driver with small mods, snowballed into a shop car with extreme modification, and so on….I’m sure everyone here is in the same boat. Here we are today bringing a dream into a reality. Let’s go over what this car about and what it has in store. This daily driver which will now be named “trailer queen” by some may in fact be a trailer queen; for now; but rest assured it is fully functional and includes a complete engine redesign. You can see from the pictures that taking off the top was no easy task, in fact you can’t simply cut a roof and expect your car to function and perform like normal. Bracing using DOM tubing has been placed under and inside the car to support the body, ensuring it is not only supported, but safe. DOM tubing is well known in the drift industry as it is what most drift cars use today as there roll cage. Although having the right parts to get the cage / support put together, knowing where to weld this tubing is of equal importance. Gabriel Escobedo of Hired Gun Paintwerk in St Charles, IL put this tubing in place and it came out looking fantastic. With more work to do I will cover other areas of fabrication in the coming months and update with new pictures as the build progresses.