Camburg Racing – Huntington Beach, CA

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I’ve always admired the capabilities of off road sports, but after visiting Camburg Racing, I’ve found a whole new respect. They’re a championship team for more reasons than one.

This is one of their many vehicles built from the ground up

And this is what lies underneath that metal.  It’s like a puzzle…

Just look at this.  All points into the center.  The engineering and precision they put into these vehicles is like none other that I’ve seen.

Along with their technique of welding lines in ONE pass and not by machine.  Their own staff gets the job done!

Today, Camburg leads the Off-road suspension market with their technology

I am very fond of Tundra’s and this build officially put it on my list of things to do.

This alone says the guys are extremelty taleneted.  Camburg Racing has what you need for all Off-Road necessities. I look forward to more championship builds and success!


http:// www.Camburg.com