Shorty’s Story

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For the past couple of years I’ve gotten to know the ins and outs when it comes to a Honda drag setup. Now it’s time to broaden my horizon just a hair. Enter, Jose “Shorty” Mendoza, and his Mitsubishi Eclipse.

With the same configuration as a B series in regards to transmission, engine, intake and exhaust, things are starting out familiar. Shorty chose a Borg-Warner S372 to sit on an exhaust mani built by Tommy somethin or the other (don’t know his last name). This feeds a 24x12x4.5″ core with an inlet of 3″ and cold side of 3.5″. Now I just need some mounts to hang this intercooler, hmm.

With this done I can continue on to the charge piping, dumptubes and other various custom do-hickies.

Shorty is one of the family here at the shop and has helped on numerous occasions on race day getting the likes of Jake Blackman, TSR, Locash and Raul ready to run. Now it’s his chance to turn some heads and show what a DSM is all about.

Rewind a bit. The intercooler core needed a pair of tanks but no tag to weld on left me with a trick I learned from Forest Wang/Joey Lumpkin. Once the tanks were bent into shape and ready to be final welded, I laid a sticker down and proceeded to scotchbrite over the entire tank. Hard to explain easy to show.

“Wait…is that..?” is the kind of reaction it gets. It works for now but I do plan on having some weld on logos in the future.
Definately more to come soon so stay tuned….