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Now comes standard with the new Billet Actuator and retains the response feel of the original stock turbo. It delivers increased power gains, even higher up in the power band range, without sacrificing torque.

Retains the low speed power range, with that extra punch at mid to high speed range. This is turbo has the balanced transient characteristics to produce peak power to suit those who want the best of both worlds.

This turbo has the potential to deliver 450PS with the stock layout; from 4000RPM up is where peak power comes in. This Turbo’s special characteristics will really show when added engine tuning and internal upgrades are done.

– Flat Primary Exhaust Pressure
The initial spool characteristics is just right, with a seamless linear power curve that matches the engines RPM with the power output. This gives the best drivability results.

– Maintaining Output Even At Higher Tuned Levels
With the stock displacement, you can expect to see good power around the 5500rpm mark and higher. But with the increase in the engines displacement, even more potential gains are possible.

– Available in 3 Sizes
The M7760 retains the stock response feel, with added power gains. The M7960 delivers great upper mid range power, with even more power gains possible. When peak power is a priority over response, there is only one option. The M8265 will deliver unleash your engines full potential.

– 100% Bolt ON
The ARMS series turbo kits all come supplied with all the required gaskets and fitting accessories for a true bolt on application out of the box. So it can be installed immediately without the need to hunt for other parts.