Tig’d Up Tuesday Review 1-07

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Tig’d Up Tuesday is that day when our Fan Page goes crazy. We get messages right and left and we post tons of work people send in. There is no method to our madness on this day, no strategy, no timing structure, and no perfect weld to send. Some days we will only post the best work, and some days we will pick 1-3 photos which need critique, or in which a welder needs advice, and we will post them for the crowd. What we mean basically is we have no exact process for Tig’d Up Tuesday.


We also have a new “How-To” post for those of you looking for better weld prep techniques. This post has gained strong attention. 



With that said, here are the photos we chose last week.


Matt Harm

“4” Schd. 40 304ss. Walking the cup (root pass)”1487837_10151825371677944_781318470_o

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Tig’d Up Tuesday Review 11-26

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If you follow us on facebook you know about our Tuesday, Tig’d Up Tuesday. We like to post tig welds and items fabricated using tig welding for the entire day. 

Here is this weeks review:

Jake Blum / Twisted Fab

“A few jobs from Twisted Fabworx”


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