Pepsi Max and Jeff Gordon make Test Drive part 2!!

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Pepsi Max has been all over the net with their Uncle Drew series, a favorite of ours where NBA All Star Kyrie Irving and others are in full costume to prank unsuspecting bystanders. It is quite hilarious. They also have a series with legendary Nascar driver Jeff Gordon. In the last episode, Jeff goes to a dealership for a test drive and has the salesman about piss himself. This time, Jeff and Pepsi get directly back at the internet, going after Travis from one of our favorite sites Jalopnik!

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 9.06.40 AM

Click the topic and how it goes! Would you have asked for another ride?


Check us out!



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Kevin Mullins Mustang is the fastest Radial Tire car!

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Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 6.52.21 AM

Kevin’s Twin Turbo SN95 car is one fast beast! Recently at DuckxPromotions Lights Out event at South Georgia Motorsports Park Kevin clocked a 4.113@194 on 315 Drag Radials. I will pause while you ponder on how fast that is. This car has a 4.0 in it all day, and it has a ton of power. Great job to Kevin, Crew, and DuckxPromotions!



From the build up of this car, as if one was not enough, stack 2 of those  turbos.




We wish Kevin the best for this season. This car has been a while coming, and this 4.1 is just the tip of the iceberg!


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Life at 270mph. The Hennessey Venom GT is fast!

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On February 14th Hennessey set a new record for Worlds Fastest 2-seat Sports Car with a blistering 270.49 mph with their Venom GT at Kennedy Space Center. The Space Shuttle landing strip was utilized for is length and it gave the car ample speed for acceleration and shut down. The power-plant, a 7-liter Twin Turbo v8, still looks to be accelerating when they cut it.

Plug: Vibrant Performance Vanjen clamps ensure 0 boost leaks in this monster! 

image (4) image (5) image

What you see in the video is sadly not accepted as a Guinness book record because there were not 2 runs. Hennessey speaks of how difficult it was to get inside of NASA grounds for this run, and it was not up to them not to run a second pass. Hennessey also does not consider themselves in direct competition with Bugatti Volkswagen so this is no problem. That unofficial 270mph on video is far good enough for the masses.

image (3)
Great work, Hennessy!

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Hazmat Nightmare on the Highway!

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Boom! Well… Multiple…

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 10.15.40 PM


Watch the video and see how one small collision can turn into a catastrophic event… GREAT FOR VIDEO!


2JZ Foxbody launch

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A quick snip of NOS51/TD Autowerkes 2jz-powered Foxbody Mustang dialing in the car. This is only 60′ testing, but it looks promising. 60′ was a 1.23! More to come on this…

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1309RWHP 4 door Caddi!

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Face it, there is not much out there better than the feeling of luxury. To not be in a “racecar” yet still have tons of power on tap has become the new must-have. Street cars are getting faster daily and we cannot get enough of it. SNL Performance gives us what we want with this lude and insane CTS-V claiming “Most powerful CTS-V in the world” at 1309 rear wheel horsepower. Others have came close, but at nearly 3 times the factory engine’s horsepower output this old man’s car sounds like a bully on the street. We hope to see more video soon. Maybe some 2k videos will surface of this car.. you never know!



So enjoy this 170mph pull with us. Crank the volume, too!

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We are at PRI!

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The PRI Show (now owned by SEMA) has moved back to it’s classic location of Indianapolis.

the cold weather, attendance is looking to be strong over the next 3 days. We are at the Vibrant Performance booth, and will have free stickers available the entire show. Please stop by, take a few, and tell us if you follow us! We also plan to do updates periodically about the show on Facebook, and have a daily report about PRI posted on FabricationLife.com

We walked through the venue last night and snapped a few photos of the booths as they were setting up.


Seeing this car on track is mind-blowing at times.




Real Time Racing


Blower Cars always get big attention, this one will draw a crowd!



This build is extremely interesting. Ford GT with a blow-thru setup, using VanJen Clamps, big screw supercharger, electronic city, and a completely redesigned cooling system. More to come on this car on FabricationLife.com.


Here you can see the prep work going into the display.



We will update more on the PRI Show. Check back to see what craziness we find, and who we happen to see. If you have something you are wanting to see tell us!

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