Underground Racing’s new R8 flexes muscles against competition!

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Underground Racing, a name well known and feared in the world of high speed roll racing breaks out their new weapon of choice, the Audi R8. Click to watch! Continue reading

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Life at 270mph. The Hennessey Venom GT is fast!

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On February 14th Hennessey set a new record for Worlds Fastest 2-seat Sports Car with a blistering 270.49 mph with their Venom GT at Kennedy Space Center. The Space Shuttle landing strip was utilized for is length and it gave the car ample speed for acceleration and shut down. The power-plant, a 7-liter Twin Turbo v8, still looks to be accelerating when they cut it.

Plug: Vibrant Performance Vanjen clamps ensure 0 boost leaks in this monster! 

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What you see in the video is sadly not accepted as a Guinness book record because there were not 2 runs. Hennessey speaks of how difficult it was to get inside of NASA grounds for this run, and it was not up to them not to run a second pass. Hennessey also does not consider themselves in direct competition with Bugatti Volkswagen so this is no problem. That unofficial 270mph on video is far good enough for the masses.

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Great work, Hennessy!

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