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While meeting up at a friend’s shop, i came across this interesting S13 Coupe. The color of the car threw me off a bit, and i was interested to know what was done to it. When they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, this car was the epiphany of the saying. Check out this cool hook slider!


On the outside, it looks like your typical “drift” style 240sx

Until i walked around the car, i knew i was in for a treat!

This would come in handy at the track! I would use an air compressor, cut off blade, and battery charger on this. 

The owner got creative and mated an automatic trunk opener utilizing a Toyota Cressida window setup.

This is where the magic happened. One push of a button!

Shazzam! Your own water fountain for drinking or cleaning your hands at the track!

Made my way to the interior, and i was greeted with even more outlets! This sure makes life easier rather then buying a car charger.

This light switch activated the motor for the trunk. Neat!

How bout a custom paper towel holder? Or use your roll-cage as a clothes hanger?

I was convinced that this car is a true mechanic vehicle. The owner also had a Latex Glove box holder just so he could work on cars. To top it off, the owner also drifts the vehicle whenever he can. Definitely one cool car that you don’t see everyday.