Blood. Sweat. & Tears.

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Hello Fabrication Fans! Welcome to the second install of the B.R.E Motorsports Time Attack S14 build. This post goes more in depth with the entire build up of this one of a kind S14. Showcasing the amount of hours spent on the fabrication. Down to every detail displays the sheer artwork implemented into this vehicle. I hope you enjoy this creation as much as i do!

The S-Chassis has been placed on a rotisserie to ensure clean welds throughout the vehicle. It makes the task much easier to get into those tough to reach areas. A fully stitch welded chassis makes for a super rigid chassis, which is crucial for race cars.

The Team at B.R.E Motorsports are very well rounded with experience and craftsmanship.

It’s good to know B.R.E stands by their service to understand that the customer is always right.

When a customer wants a full out build, B.R.E goes above & beyond to satisfy your expectation. Custom shock tower plates along with a whole front tubing assembly is no easy task.

This massive transmission mount has been crafted to incorporate the G-Force gearbox.

A custom transmission tunnel has been crafted for easier access to the drive-train. This will come in handy at the track!

The guys at B.R.E Motorsports always work around the clock!

This concludes the second installment of this one of a kind S14. Stay tuned for more as we go more in depth with this build. Enjoy!