Playing like a Champ!

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As Chelsea DeNofa rolled up to qualifying his hood flew open and smashed his windshield in his BMW. The hood smashed so hard it destroyed the windshield making it unable to run. The car couldn’t pass tech and was put to the side and not allowed to qualify at XDC Phoenix. This is a huge blow to the 2010 champion for making a repeat championship race. A huge bummer to the NST team and Chelsea DeNofa for the weekend.

At the very last minute he was able to get Yoshie’s S14 and make two qualifying passes which got into the main event with that car. He did however lose in the Top 16 putting a big blow to his championship race. source That to me is “Playing like a Champ”

I personally think that Chel’s is a great example of driver climbing the ranks of drift, there will come a point where he will get a full ride and be in FD but the question is will he remain the cool Chel’s that I personally know and that everyone loves or turn into a FD Corporate political tool bag driver ..

I think Chel’s will do great and won’t be “that guy” everyone is different, but money changes everything