“Phirst” Photoshoot

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A couple of years ago I met my good friend Raul Gonzalez at a hole in the wall called “Half-Race”. I fabricate, while he wrenches and races. It was the perfect combination to have created such a machine in his ’92 Civic hatch.

In the beginning I could only see a typical turbo system build; intercooler, chargepiping and exhaust. But as parts were being built and the project unfolded, we knew we had to out-do ourselves from previous and build more. Raul put too much effort into this car, prior to me, to fabricate something bland or under par.

So it started with the charged air. Pipes and intercooler. My first thoughts were to run the hot side straight forward to the tank. Only problem would be is the core would sit offset to the car. Raul didn’t want to say anything so Henry Ong of Ongsport stepped in and gave me a verbal “smack on the head”. I quickly listened and reminded myself throughout this build to aim high. So the intercooler was centered with a couple of bends. The chargepipes were next. Followed by (and in no particular order): a catch can, upside downpipe, belly/catchpan, tunnel block off, dumptubes out the bumper, rear wing, cable stop for the chute and other little odds and ends.

I couldn’t have done this without Kim, Raul, Henry, Aaron, Jake, Marin, Mike, and those who came by to hang out and give praise and criticism. It really kept me on track to help get this car to one. Congrats Raul and for the rest of you enjoy some of the pics I was able to snap during some fab work.