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Hello everyone, good to be here. For those of you that don’t know me I am Sasha Anis from SG-Motorsport out of Toronto, Canada and am looking forward to sharing some of our fun antics and fabrications.

We’re currently living the high stress Fab life, as we’ve got 3 Canadian Touring cars to get ready for a test in 2 weeks, one of the cars looks something like this (although it has since been painted and had the engine installed):

Thankfully the car behind it is complete and tested, so now it’s just a matter of copying over what we know works.

We’ve switched from the 3.8L V6 to the 2.0T for this year as per series demands, and were out testing last weekend at a local track. We will talk about some of the technical details of the cars soon to come!

We’re also working on a 240sx out of Vancouver for a customer that is going to be running in the Evergreen drift series. The engine was built by Tomei in Japan and the car has come to us for race-car prep (Like in Gran Rurismo when you buy “RACING MODIFICATION!!!!”. At some point you need to stop modifying a car, and strip it down to the shell, and only put back what you need. We’ve re-done the oil, power steering, coolant, turbo, electrical and fuel systems, bolted on some fresh aero, setup the suspension and are currently working on a front bash bar setup and a nice defrost and cabin ventilation system for the customer before returning the car for his season. We’ll do a post on some of the finer details soon :)

We’ve also got an E30 M3 with a S52B32 engine (96 M3 engine), supercharged that we just wired and installed a ViPEC V88 into. E30’s have very little floor to ground clearance so we did up a nice oval exhaust system for it. It also has a Snow Performance meth system, with an AEM meth flow injection monitor that is fully integrated into the ECU. If there’s no meth flow, the ECU won’t advance the timing or reduce the fueling – gotta be safe!

I don’t have any pictures but will get some up soon. We’re currently working on a dual in tank fuel pump solution, as the factory E30 fuel systems are horrible and use a siphon to transfer fuel over the saddle tank hump? Maybe it worked when new, but the customer is complaining about fuel starvation in corners with anything less than 3/4 fuel. The car also has a Race Technology dash that is integrated into the ViPEC ECU. Cool.

It seems like there isn’t a single day when I don’t pick up my TIG for at least one thing or another. And there is always someone either cutting, grinding, sanding or trimming something in the shop. How some shops run without doing any fabrication is beyond me – I can’t remember the last time I was actually able to just “bolt” something on!

I guess that’s why we live the fabrication life :)