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for some of you ,engine bays are everything, some of you love cages, or suspension .. for me i am all about interior fabrication .. check out some of the pictures from the XDC in irwindale

there are 2 things that i look at when i see interiors personality and function check Chelsea’s set up simple and clean with that “bling wheel!


your not going to be able to look at a hockey stick the same way every again !

check out tim’s car with the mighty lever of dead .. when he pulls it a trap door eats you!

Josh simple and clean set up with a iPod mount ..keep it street i guess

i am not sure which one is the shifter or which one is the e brake ..

and like i said, its personal right .. check out the speaker ..

over all like i said its a combination of 2 things, personalization and driver function, all you fabricators know these drivers are insane they drive the same way they think they see lines in other ways people do see them and they where body needs to work differently .. i really  feel that all interiors are really the DNA of  all cars ..