Natural progression of life…Bigger and better.

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So after producing our entry level Scion tC turbo system, we sought out to make it that much better.  The system is super clean, makes great power, but lacked some control of the entire combustion cycle to pull it all together. We where first using a GReddy E-manage. That unit did not suit us well and we sought after a more viable solution. Putting our nose to the grind stone, we came up with some beautiful AEM products custom done to work with the 2AZFE.


Our first solution was for the AEM FIC. It’s a piggyback that allows for fuel and ignition control.  It worked well, but for hardcore use and BIG power, it was not feasible.

We decided to custom fit an older AEM EMS standalone box to work…..So after several weeks or horrible wiring, problems galore….It was a success.

The unit worked with unparalleled success and truly rocked our socks! We made up a couple more units and sold some to a few customers and a pro race team. Needless to say, they did VERY well. The results speak for themselves.