1 word. Four syllables. Unorthodox.

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Our buddy Adam loves Energy drinks. He is a full time state worker and part time security bouncer in the local bar/club district in Buffalo, NY.  He works crazy hours between the two jobs  and likes to have some fun when he is not working 18 out of 24 hours a day.  So one afternoon he brought by his beloved toy a 2001 Yamaha FZ1000 sport bike. He normally needs extra fuel to keep his wheels turning throughout the night, so energy drinks come into play frequently. Adam’s only complaint  about his bike was that there was 2 wheels and no cup holders.  So, we got to thinking….10 minutes went by and Paul rounded up some scrap metal we had laying around and threw together a cup holder for his drink on the Yamaha. Behold…..

So we got some foam to not have it clanking in the cup holder while driving and she worked 100% fine. Not bad for 20 minutes, scrap pipe, flat stock and a scrap intercooler bracket with some TIG welding. :)


P.S.-AMP drink not included.

P.P.S.-Tested and proven to speeds of 80mph.