More flow please…

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After seeking cams and a free flowing exhaust along with a large turbine A/R on the turbocharger, we noticed we still had some issues up top to where we wanted to rev the car. We decided to do some porting work on the cylinder head. Ralph cleaned up the casting nicely knife edging the splits in ports, polishing the exhaust and rippling the intake side. All in all, after about 10 hours of work, he did an excellent job. Flow bench tested and approved! Picked up nearly 3 PSI more boost on the setup. Boooooooooooost creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. LOL

Used the following components:

REV +1mm oversized valves on intake and exhaust

REV bronze valve guides

REV dual wound  valve spring & titanium retainer kit

Viton valve seals

We also have plans of building the motor very soon. We have sought out some nice components that won’t break the bank and offer some excellent reliability including goodies from Wiseco and a few other brands….Stay tuned!

All of these parts and services are available through us at Dezod Motorsports Inc. To reach us on the web, www.dezod.com or by telephone at 716-681-6666.