More flow + more boost = NEED MORE FUEL

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So after porting the head and running more boost, we realized we needed to retune and offer more fuel delivery to the engine. You can not add air without adjusting fuel and adjusting spark. We all know that!  So, with the 2AZFE being factory defaulted to a return-less fuel system,  this makes fuel delivery for a turbocharged engine quite difficult.  In fact, with a stock return-less fuel system, the delivery to the rail is exact by each combustion cycle and based upon conditions at that time.  This did not fly very well for a car making well over double it’s factory HP.

Enter the return fuel system.  Ingredients:

  • -6AN light-weight braided NHRA approved lines
  • -6AN black swivel fittings for easy connection and a leak-less seal everytime
  • Aeromotive fuel filter
  • Aeromotive A-1000 fuel pressure regulator
  • Liquid-filled 0-100 PSI fuel pressure gauge
  • AEM fuel rail
  • Chassis clamps to professionally mount your lines
  • Choice of fuel pump
  • All fittings needed to modify your stock sending unit for return

Now with the rising rate fuel pressure regulator this provides us with capability of having infinite pressure adjust-ability plus the 1 PSI of fuel pressure needed to negate our additional PSI of air flow from the turbocharger.