Making it all come together…2AZFE Inclusive

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Now-a-days, not many shops are into Toyota tuning for one reason or another. Some say that it’s a difficult platform due to ECU logic, ┬ásome say it’s a deal that never works out, while others just are not interested at all. Well, here at Dezod Motorsports, Toyota brands make our world go around. We specialize in Toyota, Scion and Lexus brand components and such. We have studied the platform inside and out since 2005 and have become quite skillful in getting around into making some decent power for this brand.

With 2jzge and 2jzgte engines aside, out comes the variable valve equipped 2.4L 2azfe engine found in the following chassis: Scion tC, Toyota Matrix XRS, Toyota Carolla XRS, Toyota Rav 4, Toyota Camry and a few others. We decided to start within the Scion brand as it’s body lines are catchy, the price is right (around $17K USD) and the youngsters love it.

The 2azfe starts out it’s life as a 140 wheel HP engine and with some minor fabrication work, we’ve been able to get some substantial gains to make run spin to about 250-300 wheel HP depending on supporting modifications and tuning.

So just some eye candy….






Some various dynos from some customers around the country…….Kind of nice what a little boost can do. :)

It's really in the pudding.