PumpKing starts rebuild, shoots for more HP.

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Mr. George’s Z06 caught fire at TX2k14 (seen on our last PumpKing introduction HERE!), blowing out the candles on the party for the Orange blur most videos showed coming around the competition. While it looked like lights out for a while for the player we caught wind that the next day William was already on the phone ordering and the car was already getting stripped and prepped for rebuild.  Continue reading

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Quickies: Intro to Tungsten and Prep

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A quick intro to Tungsten

This is one of our quickies in our Prep series. This piece is on Tungsten definition, selection, and prep. It is a mild intro that will be followed up later in another portion of the Prep series.

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Fabrication Basics: Jay Thornton’s tips

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Guest article on Motivicty’s MOTOBLOG, first in a series from Jay Thornton, custom fabrication expert and technical lead at Vibrant Performance.

I spend a lot of time working with up-and-coming custom metal fabricators and it’s one of the coolest parts of my job at Vibrant. I get to see a lot of new, creative ways of doing things and meet new people who bring a whole new perspective to the craft. I also see this as an important part in the art of fabrication: helping the next generation learn a craft that is constantly changing and innovating. Continue reading

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