PumpKing starts rebuild, shoots for more HP.

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Mr. George’s Z06 caught fire at TX2k14 (seen on our last PumpKing introduction HERE!), blowing out the candles on the party for the Orange blur most videos showed coming around the competition. While it looked like lights out for a while for the player we caught wind that the next day William was already on the phone ordering and the car was already getting stripped and prepped for rebuild. 


Fire Damage


As you can see, the fire damage is all fixed from last time we showed you the car on FabricationLife. Shortly after, the car was towed over to Mark at Collision Craftsman to fix it up and return it to normal.




Now the block will be an LSX block, specs to come later. But this is a step away from the LQ which the car was running at the time of TX2k. Not saying the LQ won’t continue to make power but this newer setup is built to surpass the performance of the last.


Rotating Assembly

photos for ls1 tec3

The rotating assembly is where a lot will be changing for the new build. Forget what was previously installed, everything new will be Billet.

  • Pistons: Wiseco 11mm dish, Fully coated skirts.
  • Rods: Callies Ultra Billet I-Beam

The crank, a ultra billet ccw (center counter weighted) piece from Callies, will be the center point of the new setup. This crank offers center counter weights which help stabilize the crank and prevent flexing in high boost applications. Perfect for William’s Z, considering all of the boost and nitrous which was thrown at this thing recently. It is only right to focus on the points which will take the most beating. Each crank is custom machined to owners specs, and has an option for Mirror finish. Each one of these takes about 9-12 weeks to produce and deliver, in which time William and crew will be focused on other portions of the engine and forced induction system to prepare for the rest of the 2014 Season.


Check back soon to Fabrication Life to see more updates on this monster, the cylinder head work, and some forced induction talk. Also make sure to visit the home page and check around the site!

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