Ultra Violence Motorcycles- North Hollywood, CA

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Jake over at Ultra Violence isn’t your typical run amuck kind of guy.  He’s a humble, skilled, and creative individual with a huge passion for fabrication and bikes.

For the builds that are produced by Jake, you wouldn’t expect it to be from such a small shop

This is the first bike seen as you step through the door…

Jake proves to be innovative and crafty…

Another piece to his collection of builds.

And here’s his bread and butter that put him on the map..

Ultra Violence is recognized in various magazines and it’s well deserved.  You may have also seen Jake in the Discovery Channel’s ‘Biker Build Off’ and ‘Build or Bust’

It’s always the smaller things that stick out to me the most.  This adds the perfect touch.

You know that feeling you get when you find money in an old jacket or pants you haven’t worn in awhile?  Thats the feeling I got when I arrived at Ultra Violence.  The quality of fabrication produced in here is pure gold.

I can’t say I’m the biggest bike fan out there, but I certainly did enjoy visiting this shop!