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So let me start by saying this was my fault. The plan was to work on my girlfriends exhaust split up between a couple nights after work. The first time unbolting the section that has the flex welded on, flex completely rips off. I guess that is expected from a flex that may well be 20 years old. “Well, I guess we’re doing the whole thing tonight” says Kim. Then I get that gut feeling, knowing we’ll be here all night.

Time to get started. After bolting on the new/used DC sports header and modified dowpipe, Kim gets to bolting the start of an aluminum, 2.5″ exhaust. Because the flanges we used were a simple 2 bolt pattern, making the flanges out of flat 3/8″ and using a drill, holesaw and a bandsaw from work (thanks Mike), this was a simple task.

Next came a series of sharpie, cut, tack and repeat. The exhaust started to take shape as the hours passed on by. 12am, 2, then 5. I thougt it was never going to end. Usually I am able to wheel the buzz box under the car to eliminate all the back and forth of marking joints and unbolting/bolting. This time around, I had to do it old school. Then I got to welding until soon it was all melted together.

So finally, around 7am, we finished up bolting it back on for the last time. She was happy with fitment, and I was glad it was all over… so I thought.
After dropping the car on the ground and starting the car, I found that the belt used to sand the steel flanges didn’t flatten it enough. I was way to tired to take it apart so we just waited till the next week.
All done and pictures we snapped.