SpeedFactory Vibrant Racing Civic Coupe Build: Part 2

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Part 2 of this video series by SpeedFactory Racing shows the fabrication process of the 1000whp custom spec intercooler, using 2 Vibrant cores, custom endtanks, and Vanjen Clamps. You will also see the mock up of the intercooler piping. Ricky welds a clamp to the mouth of the Throttle Body, and preps for engine install.
Enjoy part 2!

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SpeedFactory Vibrant Racing Civic Coupe Build: Part 1

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Part one of this video shows you the beginning steps in what will be a small video series dedicated to the Vibrant Performance Civic build. Watch as Ricky at SpeedFactory Racing shows the parts he will use, as well as the Turbo Manifold and Exhaust Downpipe production.



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SpeedFactory Dynamic Duo

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Derek at All In Fabrication and Ricky at SpeedFactory Racing have long been 2 major contributors to FabricationLife since it’s creation. These 2 have recently joined forces and combined to make a powerhouse in the fabrication department at SpeedFactory. This couldn’t come at a better time for SpeedFactory, now at their new facility in Tacoma, WA.

Derek Ricky

Here is an excerpt from Speedfactoryracing.net:

SpeedFactory Racing is proud to welcome Derek Chorum from ALL IN Fabrication to our team! In an effort to expand our fabrication capabilities and custom product line, ALL IN Fabrication and SpeedFactory Racing have combined forces to create an unparalleled level of fabrication. Derek and his equipment will be here in-house full time working alongside Ricky and the rest of our crew as an integral part of our expanding team. Derek’s knowledge, welding & machining capabilities and experience combined with the SpeedFactory Racing Team is sure to bring innovative racing products to the forefront of the industry. Derek’s previous ALL IN Fabrication product line will still be available as SpeedFactory Racing products. Stay tuned for daily updates on new SpeedFactory Racing products being developed.

We look forward to sharing this team’s hard work with you on Fabrication Life in the near future!

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