Ultimate Callout Challenge – Turbo Diesel Competition

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If you haven’t heard, you probably aren’t in their league…the upcoming Ultimate Callout Challenge (UCC), brought to you by Alligator Performance and Vibrant Performance,  is a nationwide callout to owners/builders of some of the biggest, buck nastiest diesel powered hot rods anywhere. Those that were contacted and invited are names that Diesel World Magazine and the Northwest Dyno Circuit (NWDC) deemed as the ‘best of the best’, guys who haven’t just made empty promises of big dyno numbers and crazy fast 1/4 mile times with trucks that haven’t even been built yet. The list of competitors is a strong one, filled with trucks that have already proven themselves. These guys are allowed to talk a big talk because they already proven they can walk a big walk. We’re talking horsepower numbers in the 1200+ range with some even pushing 2000hp. Those with 66mm turbochargers need not apply…this isn’t for your average daily driver. These are full out competition built rigs with owners who aren’t scared to use enough nitrous to send the NASA shuttle into orbit.

Run What You Brung this May 4-6, 2016 – Salt Lake City, Utah!

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Indianapolis played host this past week to PRI. It was cold, too! Sub-teen temperatures were not the best conditions in the minds of thousands who traveled to Indy from all over the nation and world. The visitors who attended were there for business, and a lot went down! And new products were plenty! View more…. Continue reading

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The Black Pearl

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135lbs of boost! We are sure there is more now, but just to throw that number from a compound 105mm x 84mm turbo setup makes this 92 Dodge Ram one extreme coal factory. Well over 1000’hp and a massive torque pull count, this Cummins is no slouch!



Sean Baca’s “Black Pearl” is getting a new pile of goods according to We will bring you more soon!

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