Honda Tuning Magazine’s Project DB2

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Honda Tuning Magazine always details a project car in house for their tech articles and for 2014 they have rolled out Project DB2, a 1992 Acura Integra GSR for assembly. The 92-93 GSR is unique to the Honda/Acura lineup because it is the 1st vehicle stateside to house a Dual Overhead Cam (Dohc) Vtec engine. The 1.7 liter which was in the GSR was exclusive to North America, along with a few other parts of the car, making it a classic among enthusiast. Matt Rodriquez, Editor, was excited to jump into this project. Vibrant Performance was proud to get on board of the build supplying Fabrication components to aid in the turbocharging of this historic Acura. 



1992-acura-integra-GSR-seibon-carbon-fiber-hood-30 1992-acura-integra-GSR-seibon-carbon-fiber-hatch-lid-26


Part 1:


Part 2:



Jason Whitfield of Whitfield Company/Rage Induction Products was given the task of the complete turbo kit. Jason fabb’d up a custom top mount manifold to play-rest to the turbocharger. This car required a ton of custom fab, which Rodrez and Whitfield explain in their build feature.

1992-acura-integra-GSR-B17-engine-01 1992-acura-integra-GSR-airbox-07 1992-acura-integra-GSR-overflow-tank-filter-05 1992-acura-integra-GSR-custom-breather-box-overflow-tank-combo-06 1992-acura-integra-GSR-whitfield-custom-exhaust-manifold-and-downpipe-04 1992-acura-integra-GSR-whitfield-custom-exhaust-manifold-and-downpipe-03 1992-acura-integra-GSR-whitfield-custom-exhaust-manifold-and-downpipe-03 (1)


Here they list how Vibrant Performance is involved with the build, and how the products were utilized. 

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 9.55.57 AM 1992-acura-integra-GSR-vibrant-performance-flex-piping-09 1992-acura-integra-GSR-vibrant-performance-clamps-10
Honda tuning has detailed the build on Honda Tuning’s website, and we have photos of the build to show as well. We will keep you listed on the build as updates become available. You can also head over to the Vibrant Performance Fan page and click like to see all of projects Vibrant is currently involved with for the Honda/Acura community and beyond!