Above & Beyond: B.R.E Motorports S14!

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B.R.E. Motorsports was founded in 2003 by Michael “Tex” Blackwell. Located in Concord, NC, B.R.E operates out of a 26,500 sq. ft. facility which is home to a myriad of capabilities from fabrication, engine building and tuning, performance upgrades, race program consultation and general maintenance – we are your one-stop performance shop.

I got the opportunity to meet Tex at Formula Drift Wall New Jersey through Ron Bergenholtz. Tex is a real stand up guy and is really passionate about his work. He will lend a hand in anyway to help anyone succeed. That day i first met him, he helped Conrad Grunewald take home his 1st place finish in Formula Drift ever.

I ventured out to PRI in Florida several months ago. Fortunately, i got to meet up with Tex and his team displaying their brand new build. They got a chance to show their true skill on a customer’s S14. This is quite possibly the craziest S-Chassis i have seen before my own eyes. I have seen tubed drift cars, completely decked out road race cars, and even drag cars. This S14 had my jaw dropped at first sight just from the sheer hours spent on this vehicle.

Luckily, the team at B.R.E Motorsports was kind enough for us to showcase their masterpiece! Enjoy!

B.R.E Motorsports is a very solid team. Plenty of youth and experience to put you in the right direction.

Their expertise and attention to detail is bar none the best qualities a shop could ever have.

They take the time out of their day to make sure the customer is satisfied.

Dedicated to build anything anyone could ever imagine.

All with the same passion for enthusiast to be one with their machine.

Stay tuned as we unravel the madness that consist of this crazy S14 build!

check out www.bremotorsports.com to see what they can do for you!