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WMD usually stands for Weapons of Mass Destruction, but for street racer and fabricator, Greg Leone, it is the name of his fabrication team, race team, and lifestyle.

 Although the crew has not decided on what the acronym definitively stands for, as WMD can stand for many things, their objective is pretty clear: build fun and crazy stuff.

Greg had for a long time wanted to get a hold of a school bus and trick it out. As soon as he got his hands on this yellow short bus, he wasted no time on converting it to a transport vehicle for his gymkhana car, a Nissan 240SX.

The Bus’s transformation took 3 months which consisted of forming the back hatch and ramps and fabricating the front bumper. Though the bus was a “just for fun” build, the car has a little bit more to it.

Greg is a racecar fabricator and has been for years. He and some friends set out to build a practice gymkhana car as something to have ready for whenever there was an event that called for such a thing.

But as the build progressed, the car began to take on a familiar theme for Greg. Previously, Greg had completed a bike build as a tribute to friends and family that he had lost serving in the military oversees.

The military theme carried over to build and infiltrated several other builds Greg and his crew are currently working on.

The Bike features a camo paint scheme, carbon fiber inlays, custom leather work on the seat, integra headlights, a camo NOS tank, and so much more. I didn’t inquire too much on the specs because it was simply a passion build that Greg did for himself and i did not want to reduce the meaning of the build down to its specifications. He took the bike on ride up along the West coast as the final part of the tribute.

 Greg liked the theme on the Bike so much that he applied it to the 240SX and to the overall theme of WMD. His cars feature a camouflage-schemed valve covers as a unifying trait, though each build is severely unique.

Back to the car: Greg’s Camo 240SX features a KA24DE engine, a CXRacing GT35R ballbearing turbo kit, Tein Dampeners for the rear on a cantileaver set up and on the front, stainless steel brake and clutch hardline, VIP Modular VX-S110 Wheels: 18×10.5 on the front and 18×12 in the rear.

I appreciate Greg and his crew taking the time to answer my questions and letting me hang around the garage for  the entire day. It’s always nice to spend time in the presence of people who love doing what they do.